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MER-A (Spirit) and MER-B (Opportunity) missions :

Mars Exploration Rover (A and B) are two missions from the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to explore Mars surface with two robotic rovers.
MER-A (which name is Spirit) was launch on 10th, June 2003 and MER-B (Opportunity) on 8th, July 2003.
Spirit has landed without any problem on 4th, January 2004 in the Gussev crater and has begun exploration. It has sent first high definition and coloured pictures from the Red Planet. At the time (2006/01/18), it has traveled about 6.1 kilometers (3.79 miles) during 722 martian days (sols).
Opportunity rover has also landed softly on 25th, January 2004 in a small crater of the Meridiani Planum area. Rocks in this area have revealed possible past presence of water.
The total distance covered at the time (2006/01/20) is about 6.5 kilometers (4.04 miles) during 707 sols.


Some worlds about Mars Exploration Rover 3D site :

This site presents, the Spirit and Opportunity mars rovers through an interactive 3 dimensional model and a flight over Gussev crater (the Spirit landing site).


Some worlds about VRML :

The language used is VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language).
This language was especially created in the nineties for Internet 3 dimensional universes.
As Flash animations, VRML requires to install a plug-in.

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